Halo Halo
Edition of 500, M’Lady’s Records, 7″ record, artwork printed on transparency, 18 x 18 cm, 1 page, 2012
The debut single from the Sinawi-Pop-Punk trio Halo Halo. Originally released in 2011 by Savoury Days records based in Brighton. This is a second edition released this year by M’Lady’s records based in Portland, Oregon.
Side A: Manananggal
Side B: Sunshine Kim

stitchHeather Matthew
A Stitch in Time: December 2010
Print-on-demand edition,  self-published, paper, 18 x 18 cm, 36 pages, 2010
A Stitch in Time: December 2010 is a daily journal of collages created for a web blog (www.bboxproductions.blogspot.com) which record the thoughts and everyday musings of the artist during December 2010. It forms part of a collection of twelve books commemorating an ongoing self – initiated collage a day project. Each small collage was constructed from recycled papers, everyday materials like train tickets, found text, postage stamps and my own discarded prints and paintings; unified by black zigzag stitching. The practice  of creating a daily visual journey became a process of writing and self-reflection.

dairyIsabel Baraona
Diary I & II
Artist’s edition, self-published, off-set and paper, 18 x 24 cm, 54 pages, 2011
“Diary” is a small edition organized upon a selection of several drawings, mostly self-portraits drawn daily for the past months. A collection of stamps accompanies this daily practice of drawing from observation. Side by side with the self-portraits the small stamped characters populate the pages with no apparent order. The layout and colour are different from page to page and from book to book, transforming each copy into a unique print. “Diary” results from the offset printing (black/white) of a selection of self-portraits that are complemented and later processed by a manual intervention, as collages.

lusoIvo Dias de Sousa
Lusofonia – brief moments from stories that are never going to be told
Artists´s edition, Mixture, paper and glue, 27,5 x 25 x 1,5 cm, 85 pages, 2008
I once went to a photography exhibition of artists from Portuguese speaking countries and ended up buying the catalogue. I already had a huge amount of comic books back home. I cut and paste pieces of those comics into the exhibition catalogue in order to tell brief moments from those stories that are never going to be told because they only exist inside me. These stories are born from images projected by my collective unconscious.

collageIvo Dias de Sousa
Unfinished collage book
Artists´s edition, self-published, paper, glue, ink, 15 x 12 x 2 cm, 200 pages, 2007 – 2012
One of the things I like to do when sitting on public transport is reading newspapers and magazines looking for words that can be combined together to create different meanings. I go around armed with notebook, scissors and glue. The whole (not so conscious) process, allows me to express my unconscious.

brunoIvo Dias de Sousa / Bruno Vasconcelos
Talks with Bruno
Artists´s edition, self-published, paper, glue and ink, 18 x 18 x 1,7 cm, 80 pages, 2010 – 2012
I bought a notebook because I liked the look and the touch of it. It was only natural for me to start creating collages in it. I showed the result to an artist friend who really liked it and asked if he could make drawings on top of those collages. I immediately said  yes. We exchanged the notebook several times during some months. We never really talked much about it. The dialogue is not finished.

pointJ Brixey Williams, C Brueton, S Kennedy, T U. Schmidt, R Shah, C Younger
point and place
Edition of 1000, Art & Space, double bound book,  12 x 12cm, 85 pages, 2007
point and place is a collaborative bookwork by 6 artists/performers. The project addresses questions of space from several disciplines within art and design, at the centre of which has been an exploration of the nature of collaboration. This has resulted in a unique double-bound book of images, allowing shifting viewpoints and thresholds. It launched at the 2007 London Artists Book Fair at the ICA and was awarded the Birgit Skiold Award for excellence in Book Arts

campsJamie Bradbury
Between Camps
Artist’s edition, self-published, photo album and photos, 33 x 32.5 cm, 40 pages, 2012
The book is in the format of a family photo album. This album is a collection of autobiographical from my family which is of mixed ethnicty Afro-Caribbean/ Anglo-Canadian and found photos from public archives . It aims to problematize the representation of the self to the self along with the self to others, and the construction of subjectivity through the use of photographs as a trigger to personal narratives (memories). By also including inconvenient and tragic moments this collection of images aim is to undermine how these albums traditionally become a place to highlight successes, celebrations and the happier moments in life. The best display method is preferably one which the viewer can sit down and browse the album, displayed on a table.

shhJihee Kim
Shhh, Don’t Tell Mom
Artist’s edition, self-published, altered book, 23.5 x 31 cm, 100 pages, 2012
In this work, I am re-fashioning academic books from the English academic book.The contents of my changes to the books are the things that I really covet, such as private experiences, personal fantasies. The idea behind my work is that there is special creative pleasure in re-fashioning the English academic books, which are really negative meaning for me, into objects which have the strong personal connection. The books are negative, because they are written in difficult academic English, which give me huge feeling of distance. The best way of exhibit is that using the plate stands.

kingJoseph Ridgeon
The King Is Dead
Handmade edition, self-published, paper, 14.9 x 21 cm, 12 pages, 2012
The King Is Dead uses formats often seen in the zine making process, although the hand-sewn bindings and high quality printing stock contradict preconceived zine making. The King Is Dead consists of short phrases prevalent in customer service industries, collected through my own employment, juxtaposed with images of objects relating to those phrases. This alludes to the idea that we all participate in a sadomasochistic game of masters and slaves, introduced and summarised in the book, anticipating a “customer service apocalypse.”

narcissusJ. Rosa G.
A Look Against Narcissus and I?
Print-on-demand edition, self-published, premium paper  matte finish, 20 x 25cm, 60 pages, 2012
We are more what we look at than what we see in ourselves. In the two-part book, “A Look Against Narcissus,“ presents the self-portrait not as an individual representation but as the projection of the self  in others. “I?” questions our image –identity that will end, inevitably, reduced to dust or ashes.

renoJulie Cook and Paul Davies
Artist’s edition of 160,  self-published, uncoated paper, 15 x 10 cm, 96 pages, 2010
Julie Cook and Paul Davies went to Reno for Christmas 2004. Reno ‘The biggest little city’ did not disappoint. Refugee hippies from San Francisco; marvellous bar tenders (the book is dedicated to one of them, a certain Doug Twist) taxi drivers playing BTO steering with their knees; goats in Santa costumes riding in cars; big trucks; fantasy girls; fights; dope; antique markets and seductive, beautiful, dangerous, surviving ‘Americana’ where you nervously watch your back.
A series of mock ups documenting the process and some printout samples of the final pages

IMG_3283-katherine-mitchellKatherine Louise Mitchell
A Limited Humanitarian Intervention
Print-on-demand edition, self-published,
Material: Ink, Paper, Glue
Size: 15.24 x 22.86
Pages: 78
Year: 2012
A Limited Humanitarian Intervention is a one act play. The script is extracted directly from the Enemy Combatant Status Review Tribunals, the al Qaeda Manual, and US media coverage of the events related to these documents. Aside from extraction and google translation, the language has not been altered from its original source. It is printed in English and Arabic.

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